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Federal Republic of Somalia

The East African country of some 10 million people has electricity that is among the most expensive in the world. A kilowatt of electricity in the Somali capital can cost as much as $1 an hour. That is five times more expensive than in neighbouring Kenya and 10 times more than in the United States.
Somalia's energy sector was completely destroyed following the collapse of the central government in 1991. Residents were forced to depend on privately owned diesel generators while many were left in the dark. GAFO Energy NZ Limited has been invited by the Somalian Government to start exploring for Renewable Energy sources that can help the citizens of Somalia get better quality and cheaper electricity than they do now, discussions are about production of 2000 MW in the next 20 years.

Republic of Kenya

According to the Ministry of Energy in Kenya, the Kenyan government is planning to expand a total of 5000 MW by 2030. GAFO Energy NZ Limited is an active member in this plan, and will be aiding the Kenyan Government in achieving these results by 2030. According to the plans, GAFO Energy NZ Limited will be supplying of over 500 MW in the coming 5 years.

The Union of the Comores

Investing 120 million Euros for Geothermal Plants established across The Union of the Comores, which will displace the dependency on diesel-powered energy. The potential to generate energy from a local source will benefit the people of Comoros and the environment.


Tanzania has identified 50 potential areas across the country where 5,000MW of geothermal power could be produced. The areas have been grouped into prospective zones including, the Northern Zone, comprising Kilimanjaro, Arusha and Mara regions; the Southern Zone with Rukwa and Mbeya regions, and the Eastern coastal belt, which is associated with rifting and magmatic intrusion in the Rufiji Valley Basin. GAFO Energy NZ Limited today is in discussions with the Tanzanian Government start exploring for high potential investments of Geothermal Plants of around 1500 MW.